With its temperature and elevation, the Cameron Highlands offers a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in their market. But aside from all the plantae that surrounds the place, they also offer a very wide range of restaurants and food hubs that will cater the every need of your taste buds. Here are just some of the places where you can eat and experience the culture when visiting Cameron Highlands.

Barracks Café
Also located in Tanah Rata, this café resembles a vintage military barracks that focuses more on western meals with some Indian meals. They offer pasta and rice meals, cakes, and scones that can be partnered with a variety of teas, milkshakes, or smoothies. The café is also surrounded by the flower garden, giving its visitors a breath of a fresh evening air and a good view all around.

The Dining Room
If you are looking for a more formal meal, the Dining Room is the place for you. Located in the five star Cameron Highland Resort, this restaurant requires the formal dress codes for its visitors as it is one of the more exclusive place in the area. They also offer a wide range of food choices from Western meals to Asian dishes. Their dinner is also very exquisite and romantic with its al-fresco candlelit dinner. Your stomach will not be the only thing that would be satisfied as your eyes will be filled with the views of lush mountaintops from the restaurant.

Delicious and Happiness Kitchen
For an authentic Chinese meal, this restaurant is the go-to place in the Cameron Highlands. They are budget friendly and you can even ask the English speaking staff to give you the recommendations and translate the menu if you are not fluent with the language. Some of the famous dishes Delicious and Happiness Kitchen offers are the asam prawns, sweet and sour chicken, homemade tofu, buttermilk chicken, and of course, their fried rice and noodle dishes.

Ferm Nyonya Restaurant
This restaurant offers everything, from Malay Cuisine, Nyonya, Chinese, Steamboat, and Western Cuisine. The travelers usually tries the Nyonya Fried Rice which is something new for them. In the cold nights of Cameron Highlands, the steamboat can help you with feeling the warmth and dining Malaysian-style. They are located at the heart of Tanah Rata and whatever you would want to eat, their extensive selection of food can guarantee that you will be served with what you want.

Uncle Chow Kopitiam

Where to eatFor an authentic Malaysian experience, you need to try the Malaysian classics that this restaurant offers. As one of the best restaurants in the Cameron Highlands, Uncle Chow is located in Tanah Rata, and offers affordable breakfast and lunch meals. They are not only famous on the foreign visitors but with the locals too. This restaurant also offers a very wide variety of menu, from Nasi Lemak and Curry Mee , to western sets of meals with eggs and toast to some vegetarian options as well.

You Hoo Seafood Restaurant
One of the oldest restaurants in the Cameron Highlands, this diner located at Brinchang as served their customers for almost thirty years. This Chinese restaurant offers more than a few signature dishes and their menu is continuing to grow. One of their signature meal is the Indonesian curry fish and the hotplate tofu. You can also try a steamboat on a chilly night to keep yourselves warm. This restaurant is easy to reach and it is along the main road which is why you should expect some mid-range prices on the meals, but every bite is worth it. You might need to make a reservation before eating here as it is always full due to its popularity.

There are so many places to eat in Cameron Highlands that were not mentioned here. Feel free to explore and find the perfect one for your taste. As mentioned about, there are restaurants for everyone, no matter what type of cuisine you would want.