National Park

Why National Parks are Important

National parks could easily become a tourist destination. If you search for places to visit any country, chances are included in the list are their national parks. In Malaysia alone, there are around five national parks that have been attracting tourists and locals alike. But are national parks really good for? Are they just for tourism? Why do governments around the world continue to invest in these parks?

National Park

It turns out that tourism and recreation are mere by-products of maintaining a national park. Besides having a place to go to the primary importance of these types of parks is to preserve the natural wealth of a country or a community. Without massive support being poured into the sustainable development of these parks, natural resources can be easily abused, and or will easily deteriorate. This is why it is important to preserve the natural bounty within the park.

Home to endemic species, biodiversity

Most if not all of the national parks serve as home to endemic species, which is why it remains crucial to protect the integrity of these parks not much for the people who visit, but for the species that thrive in it. Other than endemic species, a lot of biodiversity indicators can also be found in national parks, including forest cover, flowers, insects, and birds. These species can aptly determine whether there is still a healthy biodiversity in the country amidst all the development. Protecting these species and preserving their home, the country is able to nurture its natural wealth, as well.

Impact beyond the park

Did you also know that aside from providing you with a place to relax, national parks also contribute to our overall health and wellness providing us clean air and water, as well fertile soils for more plants to grow on? A national park can even protect us from the ravages of flooding and landslide.

It is due to this significance of national parks that administrators ensure to include an information campaign to its guests. These parks are one of the best venues to explain to adults and children alike the state of the environment, and how they can contribute to protecting it. The view that comes with a park is already an exhibition of what awaits the human race if we do our part in saving Mother Earth. National parks teach lessons that are not necessarily taught within the four walls of the classroom. This is also the reason why the management of these parks makes sure to accommodate educational tours, as part of their advocacy campaign.

In Malaysia, you can find most of the national parks and reserves in Sarawak, one of the Malaysian regions with the richest diversity. So during your next tour, never miss the chance to visit at least one national parks or state reserves in order to appreciate and learn more about a country’s environmental policies and priorities. There are also a number of activities that can be enjoyed in a park making the entire experience more memorable. But, always remember the common rule when visiting any park, take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.


Taman negara

Top 3 Must-Do thing in Taman Negara

Taman Negara is the perfect place for the nature lovers out there. It is a national park that covers a tropical rainforest that was said to be one of the oldest jungle at 130 million years old. The area is completely free from any modern development. For those who love outside adventures and exploring new things, this is the perfect place for you.  There are many activities that they can offer to you. Do check out our day tour trip from KL if you have limited time.

Taman negara

Gunung Tahan Climbing

As one of the toughest and challenging activities in Taman Negara, this will surely test your fitness and skills that is needed for a long trek. You would have to climb up and down mountains, endure long distance trekking, cross some rivers, and camp for a few nights in the jungle. Although it is not recommended to try this if you are new or a first timer, this hiking experience might be one that goes to the books as the best adventure you might have, especially if you have tried hiking before. The classic trail is 53 kilometers and would normally take seven days to complete, but due to the opening of the new route, it was shortened to 32 kilometers and would normally just take four days and three nights.

Walks and Trekking

For a lot less physically demanding and time-consuming adventure, you can try the world’s longest canopy walk which is 530 meters long and 40 meters above sea level. This is a relaxing way of enjoying the panoramic view of the forest along the walkway and bring memories with your home. You can also try to trek in the Bukit Teresek which only needs 30 – 45 minutes to reach the pea. This also leads to the canopy walkway so you can enjoy trekking under the rainforest and then enjoy the canopy walk. To discover and observe how the jungle is, you can try the Night Jungle Walk. Just make sure that you bring your own touch ling to see the insects and nocturnal animals. Just be reminded to keep quite during the trek to make sure the animals will not be scared away.

Rapid Shooting and other water activities

For the water lovers out there, you can try the rapid shooting where you would ride through seven rapids while in a wooden boat. This is an exciting activity that assures you a fun and wet time. For a more relaxing ride, you can try the boat cruise and just relish the sight of the floras and faunas in the riverside. It is ideal for photos and just a relaxing day in the river. You can also stop by the Kelah Sanctuary where you can feed Red Mahseer pallets and you can even touch the fishes.

There are so much more that can be done in Taman Negara, no matter what you prefer, from those who just want to observe and relax, to those who want to have the hands-on experience with everything, they would have it for you. Just remember that this forest was preserved for the longest time, so you should do your part and never leave your trash or destroy anything in the way. You need to respect nature as it welcomed you with open arms.

Rosa Malacca

Top Recommended hotel to stay in Malacca

Malacca is a popular destination especially for tourist in Malaysia. It is a city that you can easily get around on food and explore all the breathtaking sights and rich heritage. Malacca City is a mix of old and new cultures as you can observe historical buildings standing next to a modern shopping center. This shows that this city is the mixing bowl of customs, foods, lifestyles, and tradition. So when visiting this lovely city, you would need a place to stay. Listed below are some of the recommended places to stay when visiting Malacca.

Rosa Malacca

Rosa Malacca

For a modern style of living space, this is the hotel for you. It features European architectures on its interior décor and you can be sure that the staff will provide you with great service and respect your privacy. Even the food served in the restaurant below is influenced by healthy European cuisines. What is more attractive about this hotel is that it is located close to the attractions Malacca has so it’s easier for you to explore and visit them. The hotel can even help you make reservations of the popular restaurants and even book taxis for you.

Casa del Rio

Casa del Rio or Home by the River is a 5-star luxury hotel that combines the classic elegance and contemporary vibe. As the name suggests, this hotel is near the Melaka River so you can watch the calm flow of water and just relax in your room after a tiring day of exploring the attractions. Speaking of rooms, you can expect that your room is designed sophisticatedly that even just being in your room is an experience itself. They also offer a swimming pool, a gymnasium, and fine dining by the river

The Rucksack Caratel

This hotel is inspired by the city’s rich culture and background. They offer an American Diner and they are close to iconic sites of the city like the 18th Century Christ Church, the Stadhuys or also known as the Dutch Square, and Jonker Street which is the Chinatown street of Malacca.

Courtyard at Heeren Boutique Hotel

This hotel gives a modern twist on the traditional Melaka style. The room itself is already a luxury experience with its safety deposit box, LCD TV, and they even have coffee and tea making appliances if you want to make your own. The rooms are equipped with quality furniture and the suites offer privacy and intimacy together with bathrooms with Jacuzzis and a private balcony as you watch everything happening in the city and just breath.

1825 Gallery Hotel

This hotel used to be three shophouses built in 1825. But now, it is considered one of the best hotels in the city because of its historical value. They combined some of the original features of the building with the contemporary architecture inspired by the British and Chines. The rooms of this hotel are very comfortable and is ideal to just relax and appreciate the historical values the hotel have.

There are a lot more of places where you can stay in Malacca. Depending on your budget and preference, there are hotels and inns that can offer you a comfortable and safe stay that you need while visiting this beautiful city.


Where to eat

Where to Eat in Cameron Highlands

With its temperature and elevation, the Cameron Highlands offers a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in their market. But aside from all the plantae that surrounds the place, they also offer a very wide range of restaurants and food hubs that will cater the every need of your taste buds. Here are just some of the places where you can eat and experience the culture when visiting Cameron Highlands.

Barracks Café
Also located in Tanah Rata, this café resembles a vintage military barracks that focuses more on western meals with some Indian meals. They offer pasta and rice meals, cakes, and scones that can be partnered with a variety of teas, milkshakes, or smoothies. The café is also surrounded by the flower garden, giving its visitors a breath of a fresh evening air and a good view all around.

The Dining Room
If you are looking for a more formal meal, the Dining Room is the place for you. Located in the five star Cameron Highland Resort, this restaurant requires the formal dress codes for its visitors as it is one of the more exclusive place in the area. They also offer a wide range of food choices from Western meals to Asian dishes. Their dinner is also very exquisite and romantic with its al-fresco candlelit dinner. Your stomach will not be the only thing that would be satisfied as your eyes will be filled with the views of lush mountaintops from the restaurant.

Delicious and Happiness Kitchen
For an authentic Chinese meal, this restaurant is the go-to place in the Cameron Highlands. They are budget friendly and you can even ask the English speaking staff to give you the recommendations and translate the menu if you are not fluent with the language. Some of the famous dishes Delicious and Happiness Kitchen offers are the asam prawns, sweet and sour chicken, homemade tofu, buttermilk chicken, and of course, their fried rice and noodle dishes.

Ferm Nyonya Restaurant
This restaurant offers everything, from Malay Cuisine, Nyonya, Chinese, Steamboat, and Western Cuisine. The travelers usually tries the Nyonya Fried Rice which is something new for them. In the cold nights of Cameron Highlands, the steamboat can help you with feeling the warmth and dining Malaysian-style. They are located at the heart of Tanah Rata and whatever you would want to eat, their extensive selection of food can guarantee that you will be served with what you want.

Uncle Chow Kopitiam

Where to eatFor an authentic Malaysian experience, you need to try the Malaysian classics that this restaurant offers. As one of the best restaurants in the Cameron Highlands, Uncle Chow is located in Tanah Rata, and offers affordable breakfast and lunch meals. They are not only famous on the foreign visitors but with the locals too. This restaurant also offers a very wide variety of menu, from Nasi Lemak and Curry Mee , to western sets of meals with eggs and toast to some vegetarian options as well.

You Hoo Seafood Restaurant
One of the oldest restaurants in the Cameron Highlands, this diner located at Brinchang as served their customers for almost thirty years. This Chinese restaurant offers more than a few signature dishes and their menu is continuing to grow. One of their signature meal is the Indonesian curry fish and the hotplate tofu. You can also try a steamboat on a chilly night to keep yourselves warm. This restaurant is easy to reach and it is along the main road which is why you should expect some mid-range prices on the meals, but every bite is worth it. You might need to make a reservation before eating here as it is always full due to its popularity.

There are so many places to eat in Cameron Highlands that were not mentioned here. Feel free to explore and find the perfect one for your taste. As mentioned about, there are restaurants for everyone, no matter what type of cuisine you would want.


4 Popular Place of Interest in Kuala Selangor

Kuala Selangor, although a small town offers a lot to its visitors. Some even says that this town is a hidden gem that gives a wide variety of activities and food that you can try when you visit. These things are not only for tourists, even if you are a local and decides to have some break and visit Kuala Selangor, listed below are the things you can do while visiting this charming place.

Fireflies Sightseeing Down the River

This is one of the most famous things to do in Kuala Selangor when the night time comes. The said fireflies live on the Barembang trees and you would need to ride a boat to view them. You can visit the Firefly Park Resort and Kampung Kuantan to observe the mesmerizing illuminations produced by these fireflies. This is perfect for those who just want a peaceful night in Kuala Selangor while appreciating the natural beauty the place can offer under the stars. Visit our fireflies tour for more information.

Tanjong Keramat Fort

For those who love historical places and learning new things about the place, the ruins of this old fort is the place for you. Originally build by Sultan Ibrahim of Selangor, this fort is also known as Bukit Belanda and is located close to the mouth of the Selangor River. It used to be a two story structure, made of granite and fortified with canons, but now when you visit it, it is overgrown with grass and moss. This shows that no matter what the humans build, nature will still take its way.

The War Memorial

Located near the Tanjong Keramat Fort, this obelisk is constructed to honor the Allied and local soldiers who fought and died during the two world wars. As part of the British Empire, Malaysia has participated on both of them and unfortunately lost a lot of local people in the wars. And although the original bronze plaque that lists the names of the fallen soldiers is not, they have been replaced by an inscribed wooden one.

Makam Keramat Anak Dara or The Virgin’s Grave


This is a shrine located on a nearby small rocky hill that can be accessed by a wooden staircase. This tells the story of a young lady that was forced to marry a man she did not love, and on the morning of her wedding, she ran away and was never found. Some people claim to see her disappear in the Selangor River. Later, she then appeared in the dreams of her parents and said that they should not look for her as she was already happy wherever she was. The next day, her clothes were found on a tree and her parents decided to build the shrine where they found it. Although this is a local folklore, as a visitor, it is interesting to see what stories a place can tell and what it says about the culture and practices there is.

There are still a lot of places that can be visited in Kuala Selangor and if you cannot visit all in a day, there places to stay and the town is just one hour away from Kuala Lumpur so you can always go back and try all the things you want to try.  


Jonker 88

Best Place to Eat in Malacca

With a mix of colonial structures and modern buildings, Malacca is one of the cities that you should visit and try to explore. While this city offers a lot of tourist spots and shopping area for the visitors, both foreign and locals, they even offer more food to try. Listed below are restaurants and cafes you should try when visiting the beautiful city of Malacca.

Jonker 88

Jonker 88

Jonker 88 is a café that gives you a rustic feel when you come in. They are known for their Cendol, an iced dessert that is made with coconut milk, palm sugar and green starched noodles with pandan flavoring. They also serve Nyonya Asam Laksa which is a spicy noodle soup with fish balls and prawns. Overall, for a quick break from exploring the city, you can try and visit this café.

Lung Ann Refreshment Kopitiam

If you want to experience an authentic and traditional breakfast in Malaysia and Singapore, then you should visit this café. Even the locals will be brought back to the good old days when you just enjoy a good thick, aromatic coffee paired with kaya toast and eggs. The owner takes three to four hours to make the kaya which includes stirring it until it is caramelized. Even the breads are personally sliced so eating here would be as authentic as it can be when it comes to the simple breakfast of a simple and stress free life.

Loh Yong Moh Restaurant

This restaurant is said to be one of the oldest Dim Sum Restaurant in Malacca. They have been a go to place for both locals and tourist since 1936 with their old-fashioned setting and delicious dishes. Typically, you will not order from a menu, instead, a server with approach each table with appetizing dim sums and you can just point out what you would want. While there are still other dishes that need to be requested, the dim sum itself will not only fill your stomach but will feast the eyes. They offer an extensive range of dim sum and is cheap without compromising the taste of the food.

Jonker Street Night Market

When visiting Malacca and trying out all the dishes, you cannot miss out on the night market, which is one of the things to do for anyone’s itinerary. For two nights, the roads are closed and the streets will be filled with colorful stalls that offers everything you might need. While they also sell clothes, crafts, and other souvenirs, their food stalls are also one of their top attractions. There is way too many foods to try in the market and you will get full before you can try them all. There are savory noodles and barbecue stalls for your meals, but there are also snacks and sweets for dessert. All you need to do is explore and you will surely find something for your taste.
Like its buildings and city itself, the food in Malacca is also a mixture of cultures that shows how much of a mixing bowl the city is. But no matter what your taste is, Malacca has something to offer you.

Where to buy cameron

The Popular Shopping place in Cameron Highlands

A trip to Cameron Highlands will not be complete and worthwhile. This tourist destination is one of the towns in Malaysia that has one of the most interesting shopping finds that will truly remind you of the wonderful trip that you had in Cameron Highlands. Items not to be missed are rattan bags or baskets, preserved insects, and woodcrafts. As you may already know, Cameron Highlands is also famous for their tea plantations and if you are able to visit a tea shop, make sure to bring with you their homegrown teas and tea sets.

Here are more shopping destinations to check out during your Cameron Highland stay

1)      Kea Farm

Where to buy cameron

Cameron Highland is a home to several open-air markets, which literally means an array of market displays outdoor. This farm is perfect for those who are looking for fresh picks like vegetables, fruits, and flowers. This is also a great destination for some snacks and refreshments after a day of shopping and touring. You can enjoy straight out of the farm’s food including strawberries, salad, and coffee. This is where both locals and tourist converge for fresh Cameron Highland finds.

2) Yung Seng Souvenir Shop – Tanah Rata

If you are more inclined to handcrafts, then this shop is paradise for you. This souvenir shop highlights various woodcrafts made by local Malaysian artisans. Their products are representative of the sustained woodcrafting industry in Tanah Rata, and other neighboring towns. The woodcrafts from Yun Seng are popular for foreign tourists who want to bring a bit of Cameron Highland back to their hometown.

3) Brinchang Night Market

While Cameron Highland is a popular destination for a nature getaway, this place certainly does not disappoint when it comes to its nightlife. And Brinchang Market is one of the areas that light up during the night time in Cameron Highland, where locals and tourist alike can be found sampling local street food, and shopping for cheap souvenir items. If you have strong bargaining skills, it is also best to give them a try here. When it comes to shopping for items like keychain, textile, shirts, you will most likely be given a discount if you buy wholesale.

4) Multicrops Central Market

Heads up green thumbs! This place can be irresistible for you. This is one of the best destinations for potted plants in Cameron Highland. As a matter of fact, even locals frequent the place to grow their plant collection. However, aside from plants, the Multicrops Central Market is also visited by tourists for its garden café, as well as other offerings including handy souvenirs. Truly a one-stop center for all your tourist needs from local plants to local handicrafts.

5) BOH Tea Plantation

Of course, a Cameron Highland trip will not be complete without a trip to a tea plantation, which is what the place is known for in the first place. Enjoy a hot cup of team in BOH Plantation, but also do not forget to buy your own stash of tea to enjoy back home. Some can even have fresh tea leaves from BOH that you can brew yourself.

Cameron Highland shopping is more about culture and tradition appreciation. Whatever you buy from here is a representation of the kind of life that thrives in Cameron Highland, which makes them even a more valuable souvenir. You may also be happy to know that buying from most of the shopping places here means supporting their local entrepreneurs, while also promoting their culture elsewhere. So, choose the right place to stay longer and make sure to buy the crafts, produce, and other items from Cameron Highland to complete your whole tour.


Where to Stay

Where to Stay in Cameron Highlands

Going to Cameron Highlands is not one of the easiest and fastest road trips to take unless you hire a day tour package. This is the reason why some tourists opt to just stay in the vicinity. Staying near Cameron Highlands is also certainly not a bad idea given the charming view that you will wake up to every day.

Fortunately, Cameron Highlands is abundant with comfortable and affordable accommodation options to fit every travelling style. Here is a rundown of all the places to stay in Cameron Highlands.

4-Star Hotels

1) Copthorne Hotel

Where to Stay

This is one of the four-star rated hotels in Cameron Highlands. This hotel is perfect for those who are looking to relax in luxury in a resort-type hotel. Their rooms range from standard to spacious suites. You can bask on the view of mountains or simply cool down in their indoor pool.

3-Star hotel

1) Parkland Hotel

One of the easily identifiable hotels in Cameron Highlands due to its bright exteriors and interiors. But beyond its aesthetics, the Parkland Hotel is also known for its straightforward amenities and services, guaranteed to provide tired guests a relaxing stay. Another great thing about this hotel is its proximity to the major tourism spots on Cameron Highlands including the Time Tunnel Museum.  Night markets and other food places are also just a walk away from the hotel.

2) Planters Country Hotel

If you want a completely unique experience in Cameron Highland through your accommodation, your best option is Planters Country Hotel. It is renowned for its Edwardian design and cottage type rooms. The hotel itself is already photo-worthy but you are also near the essential sites within Cameron Highland, this includes the Tanah Rata town and Time Tunnel Museum.

3) Country Lodge Resort

This is one of the more affordable options for accommodation places that do not compromise the view and space. You can still easily commune with nature while staying in this lodge resort, and also enjoy their comfortable amenities. It’s simple and functional, which means you are not far from other tourist destinations, too.

Budget Hotels

1) Hotel Rainbow

If you want something accessible and affordable to stay in for your Cameron Highland trip, Hotel Rainbow can be your easy choice. It’d just a few minutes walk from Tanah Rata station and also a short drive from the famous Butterfly Farm.

2) TJ Lodge

Popular among backpackers and couple, TJ Lodge offers comfort and convenience for Cameron Highland tourists. If you are lucky, you can also get a room with a great view for an affordable rate, allowing you to make the most of your stay.

If you simply want to get away from the busy cities of Malaysia, a short stay in Cameron Highland at these hotel options. There are plenty to choose from based on your budget and itinerary.

Local food

Things to buy when you are visiting Malacca

Apart from the promise of cultural and historical experience, Malacca is also guaranteed to be a massive shopping destination! From the very first time you set foot in this colorful city, it will be hard to miss all the shopping centers filled with antiques and local products. In fact, if you are doing a Malaysia tour with Malacca as one of your destinations, it’s best to buy your souvenir items here for more diverse options. Here are some of the things that you can buy in Malacca:


Malaysia is widely known for the batik textile, and in Malacca, you can find all sorts of batik products that will serve as a good memorabilia of your Malaysian trip. You can find thee batik products in one of the shopping malls in the city, without having to worry about the authenticity of the product. If it’s from Malacca, chances are the batik cloth or dress that you are going to buy is locally crafted or produced.

Local delicacies

Local food

A trip to a new country is not complete without trying their local delicacies, and after the entire trip of eating Malacca dishes, what better way to cap it off then bringing some of it back home. For bring home food products, drop by at Tan Kim Hock for a wide array of Malacca’s food products including flavored toffee, coconut cookies, dried squid, fruit tarts, and local coffee. Within the complex, sellers will be offering you free taste of their products, so you can also be sure about the taste of what you are buying.

Souvenir Shirts

If you are fond of buying shirts from every place you go to, then the Orangutan House is for you. This is not just any typical shirt shop. This actually doubles as an art gallery and shirt store, so you can be assured that the shirt you are getting from here is uniquely designed by Malacca’s local artists.


Malaysian women are known for their fondness of jewelry, and Malacca certainly does not fall short of these items. Check out small boutiques around the city that sell vintage jewelry items, as well as other decorative accessories like cotton tunics, woodcrafts, and brass utensils. You are guaranteed to bring some Southeast Asian color back home with these items.

Vintage Collectibles

Those who are fond of anything vintage will definitely have a wonderful time shopping in Malacca. Check out Trash and Treasure shop for their constantly updated collections of vintage stuff, from coins, signage, and jewelry.

Malacca is a culturally lively place, and it will certainly be seen in the kind of products that you can try and buy. From their vibrant night market to their emerging shopping malls. So, when it comes to a time when you need to bring back some souvenirs from this quaint historical town, make sure to go for locally produced or created products in order to support the local entrepreneurs in the city, as well as bring something that truly represents Malacca.

Kuala Gandah

Things to Prepare When visiting Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary

The Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary is one of the most treasured natural park of Malaysia. While it was not originally marketed as a tourist destination, word of mouth will find its way out to the rest of the world, until the sanctuary became one of the go-to place for Malaysian visitors.

However, unlike other parks and tourist attractions in Malaysia, Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary holds a special place in the town, as well as the Malaysian government, so it’s important to pay close attention to the regulations of the sanctuary before visiting. Doing so will ensure a memorable and safe experience for you and will also preserve the welfare of the elephants.

One of the major things to know before paying a visit to Kuala Gandah is the schedule of tours. Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP) has limited the visiting hours and interaction with elephants to two times a day, in order to prevent stressing out the mammals. This means that you also need to plan your itinerary ahead to fit to the schedule of the sanctuary. It is best to call ahead prior to visiting, given that the road to the sanctuary is also not one of the easiest to take. Setting an appointment will help avoid disappointments upon reaching the sanctuary. Alternately, you can take a day tour package to avoid any mistake.

It is moreover helpful to read up about the sanctuary ahead prior to your visit, as this will make you appreciate more what they do for the elephants and the wildlife in general. Also, reading up about what the sanctuary has been doing will also give you an idea on how you can help further their operations and increase the survival of the elephants being care for there. The primary aim of the sanctuary is to prevent the decline of Asian Elephant population. It is also worth noting that the sanctuary does not allow riding on the elephant for any purposes. It is part of their information site to know the ways that you are allowed to do with the elephants.

The sanctuary is also kids-friendly. As a matter of fact, it will be one of the most memorable tours that kids can witness since in the sanctuary, they will be able to witness actual feeding and bathing of the elephants by the caretakers. The tour will also educate them on how to take care of endangered species like the Asian Elephants.

Kuala Gandah

As previously mentioned, a trip to Kuala Gandah is not particularly an easy one, so if there’s something that you need to be prepared for, it’s definitely your transportation arrangements. For families, the most convenient way to reach the sanctuary is through organized tours, which will often jump off from Kuala Lumpur. You can also book for a rent-a-car service ahead for a faster way to get to the sanctuary. Malaysia is generally safe and convenient to explore by car since the roads are well paved, and the way to the sanctuary has a lot of signage already.

As the sanctuary always remind its guest to remember to take nothing but memories and shoot only pictures. As visitors of the sanctuary, you have the chance to make the lives of the elephants better.