The Jonker Street in Malacca was once known for its antique shop as it was the center street of the Chinatown of the city. But as years go by, it has become the center for clothing and food stalls that both the tourists and locals would enjoy. And one of its biggest attraction is the night market where you can explore and experience the culture and try everything you can when taking a tour at Malacca.

The Jonker Night Market is one of the best night markets in the country. They offer a wide variety of stalls and friendly hawkers. You can even find some bargains as live music plays through while you explore every stall. They are open every Friday and Saturday nights. And aside from all the bargains, you can have, there is also business with tables and chairs that offer food that you can eat. For the must-tries when visiting, one of the famous street food in the place is the Fried Quail Eggs, which is almost similar to the takoyaki of the Japanese cuisine. These eggs are fried together with other ingredients such as crab sticks, cord, curry chicken, and corn. These are then placed in a round moulds and be drizzled with the flavoring of your choice, which makes it mouthwatering and one of the best treats on stick you can have.

You can also try the Pineapple and egg tarts. The pineapple tarts is a buttery parcel filled with jam that makes it one of the favorite snacks in the country. While the Portuguese egg tarts are firm with a perfect mixture of steamed egg. These two are the choice of snack while exploring the night market for more delicacies.

For more of a meal type of food, there is the Nyonya Chang, which is a type of rice dumpling with a spicy meat filling, vegetables, and spices with the coloring made from the extracts of the blue pea flower combined with the rice. The dumpling is then wrapped in a bamboo leaf and then steamed. When it comes out, you can have the true taste of Malacca. There is the noodles called Nyonya Asam Laksa that gives you a taste of the multicultural influences of Malacca. This noodle is rich in broth, and contains prawns, fish balls and coconut cream.
For desserts, you can try the deep fried ice cream, which is encased in bread before being deep fried.


There are flavors of ice cream you can choose from and the warm crust of the bread and coolness of the ice cream is perfect for the end of a meal. To wash it all up, you can try the light bulb drink and other weird containers where they put the juice like syringes and blood bags. The juices have a wide variety of flavors from mango, to strawberry, lime, and blueberry. For a more natural drink you can share, there is the watermelon handbag, on which a beater is inserted to grind the inside of the melon into juice and then two straws can be inserted for sharing with your partner or if you can, solo. It will surely quench the thirst you have after trying all the food you can.

Aside from all the food and drinks that you can try, there are also some fun knick-knacks and souvenirs that can be bought everywhere in the night market. You can even ask some to place your personalized names on the souvenirs for a more personal touch. Aside from the stalls, there are also permanent shops you can try and visit or if you are done with all the shopping and eating, you can just watch the illuminated buildings and take all the experience in.